Answer b question 77 which file can be used to stop

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Unformatted text preview: hen converting RUN_PRODUCT calls. Answer: B QUESTION 77: Which file can be used to stop an OC4J instance? A. STOPOC4J.BAT - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 B. STOPINST.BAT C. STOPINST.EXE D. STOPOC4J.EXE Answer: B QUESTION 78: What is the main reason that Oracle streamlined Oracle9i Forms? A. To eliminate product features that are not widely used. B. To make it easier to port the product to a variety of platforms. C. To simplify the menu structure and make the product easier to use. D. To optimize the product for building and deploying Internet applications. Answer: B QUESTION 79: To apply corporate standard to the look and feel of an application, you must make the same changes to hundreds of forms. These forms do not inherit objects form any object library or from other forms. What is the quickest way to accomplish this task? A. Make use of an API (like JDAPI) to apply the standards. B. Create an object group of the standard objects, and then copy the object group to all the forms. C. Write a script that makes use of the Migration Assistant to...
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