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Unformatted text preview: D QUESTION 12: Exhibit: ***MISSING*** You are upgrading a form that was written in Forms 6i. You open the form in the Oracle9iForms Builder. The data block of this form is shown in the exhibit as it appears in the object navigator of Forms Builder. What must you do to this form before it can compile successfully? A. Delete the image item. B. Delete the sound item. C. Convert the check boxes to radio groups. D. Recode the population of the image item so that it does not attempt to load images from the operating system. E. Use the FBean package to recode the functionality of the bean area item. Answer: B QUESTION 13: Exhibit: ***MISSING*** You are upgrading an application that was developed using Forms6i. The application was previously deployed using only character mode. When you test the upgraded application, some of the data in the items appears to be cut off (as shown - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 in the exhibit). When running with Forms6i character mode, the data was displayed completely. Users of...
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