B set the format mask which oracle9i requires for

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Unformatted text preview: pported in Oracle9i Forms. B. Set the format mask, which Oracle9i requires for dates to be Y2K-compliant. C. Change the initial value to $$SYSDATE$$ because $$DATES$$ is not supported in Oracle9i Forms. D. Set the Data Length Semantics property (which is new in Oracle9i Forms) to a non-null value. Answer: A QUESTION 89: You want to change the mod_oc4j configuration file to redefine the aliases "f90servlet" and "190servlet" for the Forms Servlet and the Forms Listener Servlet. Which file should you edit? A. BASE.HTM B. F90ALL.JAR C. FORMS90.CONF D. FORMSWEB.CFG E. REGISTRY.DAT F. FORMS90OC4J.PROPERTIES Answer: C QUESTION 90: Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 Exhibit: ***MISSING*** You are upgrading an application to Oracle9i Forms that was previously deployed only in client/server. When you test the upgraded application, you notice that icons do not appear on the buttons (as shown in the exhibit). When you ran the application in client/server with Forms 6i, icons appeared on the buttons. Because there are many icon buttons, you are concerned about generating frequent round-trips to the application server to display icons o...
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