C you must use database tables to upgrade menus d you

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Unformatted text preview: use database tables to upgrade menus. D. You must delete OLE containers from the forms. E. You may need to replace the functionality of OCX items by using JavaBeans. F. You may need to set Runtime Compatibility mode to maintain the same behavior. G. You may need to change pop-up pages (that are converted to windows) to stacked canvasses. Answer: D, E QUESTION 34: You are troubleshooting an Oracle9i Forms application in which users report intermittent connection and network performance problems. Which tool could you use to log information that would help you determine what is causing these problems? A. Forms Trace B. Servlet Logging C. Forms Runtime Diagnostics D. Performance Event Collection System Answer: B QUESTION 35: You have enabled debug-level Servlet Logging for the Forms Servlet for all users of an application. At the end of the work day, you want to analyze the log file. Which file do you examine? A. SERVER.LOG B. APPLICATION.LOG C. DEFAULT-WEB-ACCESS.LOG D. GLOBAL-APPLICATION.LOG Answer: B...
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