Choose three a generating an xml schema file b parsing

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Unformatted text preview: n be performed by the XML2Forms utility? (Choose three) A. Generating an XML schema file. B. Parsing of XML using Oracle XDK SAXParser. C. Creating a Forms object for each XML element. D. Validating XML against the Forms XML schema. Answer: B, C, D QUESTION 101: Exhibit: ***MISSING*** You are debugging an Employees form that was written by another developer. The form is invoked - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 from the Departments form and should display all employees in a selected department. However, when the Employees form is opened from the Departments form, and error message is received (see exhibit) The Pre-Query trigger on the Employees block in the Employees form is coded as follows: :employees.department_id := :parameter.department_id; Without modifying any code, you want to check the value of the DEPARTMENT_ID parameter that is passed from the Departments form. You run the Departments form in debug mode and invoke the Employees form from it. When the error is displayed, what a...
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