Choose three a replacing the c api with a java api b

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Unformatted text preview: Replacing the C API with a Java API. B. Removing Project Builder from the product. C. Replacing PL/SQL triggers with Java triggers. D. Removing features related strictly to character mode. E. Removing integration with Software Configuration Manager for version control. F. Enforcing restrictions that certain triggers be defined at the correct levels. Answer: B, D, F QUESTION 47: Which three panels can you display in the Debug Console of Forms Builder? (Choose three) A. Panel that enables you to monitor a list of variables that you define. B. Panel where you can see system variables and change the values of some of them. C. Panel that lists common exceptions so that you can set breakpoints that will suspend execution anywhere the form encounters an exception. D. Panel that shows Forms objects in a hierarchical tree so that you can set breakpoints on objects such as alerts and buttons. Answer: A, B, C QUESTION 48: Which statement about remote debugging is true? A. The developer can attach to the running application using the host and port information from the URL that the user entered in the browser. B. As soon as the...
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