D if you double click the highlighted breakpoint the

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Unformatted text preview: ble-click the highlighted breakpoint, the PL/SQL Editor opens and displays the CHECK_PERCENT program unit. Answer: QUESTION 38: You are developing a Customer form that invokes an Orders form to display orders for the selected customer. You click Run Form to run the Customers form, and then you press a button to invoke the Orders form for the first displayed customer. You receive an error: FRM-40010 cannot read the form Orders. What should you modify to resolve the error? A. CLASSPATH in the Forms environment file. B. FORMS90_PATH in the Forms environment file. C. FORMS90_BUILDER_CLASSPATH in the Windows registry. D. ARCHIVE parameter in the Forms Web configuration file. E. FORMS90_BUILDER_CLASSPATH in the Forms environment file. Answer: B QUESTION 39: In your Oracle9i Forms Builder session, you successfully created and compiled the PAYROLL.FMX file using the default application server URL. Before testing your form in your Oracle9i Forms Builder session, what must you do? A. Start an OC4J...
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