E increases the likelihood of successful compilation

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Unformatted text preview: es the likelihood of successful compilation. F. Enables you to upgrade multiple modules with one command. G. Enables you to upgrade directly from any previous version of Forms. Answer: A, B, C, F QUESTION 17: Your company uses a Forms 4.5 application. What is the most efficient way to migrate the application to Oracle9i Forms in a supported fashion? A. Upgrade directly to Oracle9i Forms. B. Upgrade to Forms 6i, then to Oracle9i Forms. C. Upgrade to Forms 5.0, the to Oracle9i Forms. D. Upgrade to Forms 5.0, then to Forms 6i, then to Oracle9i Forms. Answer: B QUESTION 18: Which two methods can be used to deploy JavaBean for Forms application running an application server? (Choose two) A. Put all the required class files in the application server's CODEBASE directory. B. Create Java stored procedures in the database for all the required Java classes. C. Put all the required class files in any of the application server's directories that are referenced in the server's FORMS90 PATH. D. Put all...
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