E set the execution hierarchy property to after for

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Unformatted text preview: the Execution Hierarchy property to After for the When-Validate-Item trigger on the user_id item so that it fires after the user tabs out of the item. Answer: B QUESTION 8: When deploying JavaBeans, when must you digitally sign the JAR file? A. When the application does not use Jlnitiator. B. When the JAR file is not included in the ARCHIVE parameter. C. When all the actions performed by the JavaBeans are permitted by a Java applet. D. When all the actions performed by the JavaBeans are not permitted by a Java applet. Answer: D QUESTION 9: Identify three actions that you could perform in previous version of Forms but that you are unable to perform in Oracle9iForms. (Choose three) A. Create a sound item. B. Create menu parameters. C. Create a bean area item. D. Use middle-tier Java code. E. Change the font characteristics of an item. F. Start the run-time process from the command line. Answer: A, B, F QUESTION 10: Exhibit: ***MISSING*** Which statement is true about the accompanying exhibit? A. If...
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