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Unformatted text preview: You do not need to do anything; session-level Servlet Logging is performed by default. Answer: B QUESTION 3: You have set the environment variables FORMS90_DATETIME_LOCAL_TZ and FORMS90_TZ_FILE to implement time-zone support, but you have not defined a value for the FORMS90_DATETIME_SERVER_TZ How do you expect Oracle9i Forms to behave at run time? A. A run-error will occur. B. FORMS90_DATETIME_SERVER_TZ will be se to GMT. C. FORMS90_DATETIME_SERVER_TZ will be set to the database server time-zone region. D. FORMS90_DATETIME_SERVER_TZ will be set to the value of FORMS90_DATETIME_LOCAL_TC. Answer: B QUESTION 4: What do the CFAPI and JDAPI utilities develop? Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 A. Forms modules only. B. Forms modules and object libraries only. C. Forms modules and menu modules only. D. Forms modules, menu modules, object libraries. E. Forms modules, menu modules, object libraries, and PL/SQL libraries. Answer: E QUESTION 5: Which statement about the Java Design-Time API (JDAPI) is true? A. I...
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