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F leave the form as it is because key triggers

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Unformatted text preview: e form as it is because key triggers function as they did in Forms 6i. Answer: E QUESTION 63: To retrieve the version number of the Forms Runtime that is running an application, you have a push button in the MDI toolbar canvas of the application to call the GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY built-in. What property name should you pass to this built-in to return the version number value as a string? A. VERSION B. COMMENTS C. RUNTIME_COMPATIBILITY_MODE D. APPLICATION_INSTANCE Answer: A QUESTION 64: The PayMore.com salary department wants to update monthly payments by running the MONPAY.FMX form. The company configures Oracle9iAS to listen on the default port. The form accepts a single parameter MON with a value of "may". Which URL is appropriate? A. http://PayMore.com/forms90/f90servlet/form=monpay.fmb&userid=ora1/[email protected]?MON=may B. http://PayMore.com:80/forms90/f90servlet/form=monpay.fmb&userid=ora1/[email protected]?MON=may C. http://PayMore.com:80/forms90/f90servlet?form=monpay.fmb&userid=ora1/[email protected]&...
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