However the log file contains the information for the

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Unformatted text preview: lly converted to RUN_REPORT_OBJECT. However, the log file contains the information for the Summit form only. How can you perform the upgrade of multiple forms without overwriting the log file for each one? A. Modify the batch file by appending LOG=%%F.LOG. B. Set the LOGFILENAME Migration Assistant property to *.log. C. Unset the LOGFILE Migration Assistant property so that the default will be the name of the file being upgraded. D. It is not possible to do this. Instead, you must run the Migration Assistant once for each form and specify a different log file for each. Answer: A QUESTION 109: You are implementing time-zone supported for an application. You have set the environment variables FORMS90_TZ_FILE and FORMS90_DATETIME_SERVER TZ, but you have not set the FORMS90_DATETIME_LOCAL_TZ environment variable. How does Forms behave at run time? A. You get a run-time error, and an error message is displayed. B. FORMS90_DATETIME_LOCAL_TZ defaults to the PDT time zone. C. FORMS90_DATETIME_LOCA...
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