In the forms builder window after it opens you can

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Unformatted text preview: ms Builder window. After it opens, you can close this window if you want. D. In a separate window. After it opens, do not close this window or the OC4J instance aborts. E. In a separate window. After it opens, do not minimize this window or the OC4J instance aborts. Answer: D QUESTION 32: What issue might you encounter when upgrading Forms 6i applications that you previously deployed using the Forms Listener? A. Forms that use OCX items do not compile. B. Fonts are changed to proportional fonts. C. When-Mouse-Enter and When-Mouse-Leave triggers no longer function. D. You receive a run-time error because of missing classes for a JavaBean. E. The application may be using the HOST built-in to call client operating system commands. Answer: D QUESTION 33: When you migrate applications from Forms 4.5 to Oracle9i Forms, which two issues may you encounter? (Choose two) - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 A. You may need to remove ROOT_WINDOW. B. You must delete image items from the forms. C. You must...
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