It would be helpful for one application to be able to

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Unformatted text preview: ld be helpful for one application to be able to see information about Windows events (events 41, 42, 43, and 44). In a different application you would like to log information about triggers (event 66), timers (event 46), and tab pages (event 45). Which two entries are correct ways to define named event sets that enable you to log information - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 about only the events you are interested in for a particular application? (Choose two) A. event1: 41-44; event2: 45-66 B. event1 41-44 event2 45-66 C. event1 41-44 event2 45,45,66 D. event1: 41-44; event2: 45,46,66 E. event 1: 41-44 event 2: 45,46,66 F. event1: 41-44 event2: 45-46,66 G. event1: 41-44; event2: 45-46,66 H. event_1: 41-44 event_2: 45,46,66 Answer: F, H QUESTION 56: Which Oracle9i Forms built-in can be used to change the display of a single DATETIME value from one time-zone region to another without affecting other DATETIME items? A. DISPLAY_ITEM B. ADJUST_TZ C. SET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY with the BUILTIN_DATE_FORMAT argument. D. SET_...
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