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Unformatted text preview: ) A. Forms applet B. Forms Servlet C. Oracle JInitiator D. Forms Runtime Session E. Forms Listener Servlet F. Oracle9iAS HTTP Listener Answer: B, E QUESTION 68: Which list contains only those methods for using Java in Forms? A. JavaBeans, PJCs, Java Importer, JDAPI B. JavaBeans, PJCs, Java Stored Procedures, JDAPI C. JDAPI, PJCs, Java Importer, Java Stored Procedures D. JavaBeans, PJCs, Java Importer, Java Stored Procedures Answer: D QUESTION 69: You created a form in Forms Builder and you want to store it in the database, but you cannot find an - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 option to save it to the database. How can you enable the option to save modules to the database? A. There is no option to save modules to the database in Oracle9i Forms. B. Create the Oracle9i Forms database tables to enable the option to save to the database. C. Set an environment variable that is new in Oracle9i Forms prior to starting Forms Builder to indicate your preference to save modules to the database. D. Access the Preference dialog box from the Edit menu in Oracle9i Forms (rather than from the Tools menu, as in previous versions), and then click the Access tab t...
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