Start an oc4j instance b start the oracle9ias http

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Unformatted text preview: instance. B. Start the Oracle9iAS HTTP Server. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 C. Start a Forms Listener Servlet Instance. D. Copy your BASEHTML file to the Oracle9iAS server. E. Copy your PAYROLL.FMX file to the Oracle9iAS server. F. Create a configuration section in the FORMSWEB.CFG file. Answer: A QUESTION 40: You are debugging a form with three program units: PU1 calls PU2, which in turn class PU3. While running the form in debug mode, what action can you perform in Forms Builder to change the execution order so that PU3 executes before PU2? A. When PU2 and PU3 are both in the Stack panel, drag PU3 to a position above PU2 in the stack. B. Open all three program units in the Stack panel and drag PU3 so that it is positioned between PU1 and PU2. C. Open the PL/SQL Editor and change the code for PU1 so that it calls PU3 instead of PU2. D. You cannot change the execution order while the form is running in debug mode. Answer: D QUESTION 41: Which Forms applet parameters define the location of the applet JAR files? A. Codebase an...
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