Then use the oracle9i forms migration assistant to

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Unformatted text preview: modules with the EXTRACT=YES option. Then use the Oracle9i Forms Migration Assistant to upgrade the modules. Answer: B, E QUESTION 71: Which statement describes LOVs in forms that were developed in Forms 6i (or earlier version)? A. LOVs required that a condition be specified before record retrieval. B. LOVs did not allow users to specify a condition before record retrieval. C. LOVs were not cancelable in cases where it was taking a long time to retrieve records. D. Validation on the item could not be permitted to force the user to enter only those values retrieved by the LOV. Answer: C - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 QUESTION 72: There are several forms in your Forms 6i application that perform SELECT statements in triggers and program units to extract some information form an ARCHIVES table. As part of the upgrade to Oracle9i Forms, you have split the ARCHIVES table by year. The current table is now called ARCHIVES2001, so you want to change all occurrences of ARCHIVES in...
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