To ensure that the migration is supported which tasks

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Unformatted text preview: o the latest supported Forms release. To ensure that the migration is supported, which tasks must you perform? - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 A. Upgrade the application to Forms 6i, the to Oracle9i Forms. B. Upgrade the application to Forms 5.0, then to Oracle9i Forms. C. Upgrade the application to Forms 4.5, then to Forms 6i, then to Oracle9i Forms. D. Upgrade the application to Oracle9i Forms, making sure to specify the VERSION=23 compiler option. E. You cannot upgrade the application because v2.3-style LOVs are no longer supported. You must rewrite the application in Oracle9i Forms. Answer: C QUESTION 108: Exhibit: ***MISSING*** You want to upgrade multiple forms to Oracle9i Forms, so you create a file called UPGRADE.BAT with the following code: for %%f in (%1) do call ifplsqlconv90 module=%%f You run the batch file from the command line receive the feedback shown in the exhibit. You close the command prompt screen. Next, you examine the log file, because you did not notice in the screen feedback whether the RUN_REPORT call in the Orders form was successfu...
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