Users of the application require that all data be

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Unformatted text preview: the application require that all data be visible without placing the cursor in an item and scrolling to the end of the item. What is the easiest workaround for this situation? A. Use the WIDEN_FIELDS=YES option when upgrading the application. B. Set the MAPFONTS applet parameter to Yes when running the application. C. Set the RUNTIME_COMPATIBILITY_MODE form module property to a value of 6.0. D. Use Oracle Terminal to redefine the display characteristics in the resource file. E. Manually increase the item width for all items that do not completely display the data. F. Set the FORMS90_OUTPUT environment variable to a value of 6.0 when running the application. Answer: A QUESTION 14: You are running a multiple-form application. The Customer form invokes the Orders form. When the Orders form launches, it displays orders for only the active customer from the Customer form. Forms exchange data with the :GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID variable. The Orders form should query orders for a customer only once after being launched from the Customers form. Which bu...
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