Which approach would be best a create an object for

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Unformatted text preview: the items of a Forms block. Which approach would be best? A. Create an object for reach item of the block. B. Use the Jdapilterator class to iterate through all items of the block. C. Write a separate method for each item that must be processed. D. Create an array of item objects explicitly and process the elements of the array. Answer: B QUESTION 86: The Oracle9iAS Application Server is installed on your machine. In Forms Builder, you open the HResource form and connect to the HR database. You also edit your Forms Builder run-time preference and click Set Default. To test the HResource form module, you click Run Form and receive the error message FRM-10142 (The HTTP listener is not running). What action should you take? A. Start an OC4J instance. B. Start the Oracle9iAS Listener. C. Run the batch file STOPINST.BAT. D. Start the browser before clicking Run Form. E. Generate the form and move the .fmx to the Oracle9iAS deployment directory. Answer: A QUESTION 87: You are upgrading a Forms 6i application to Oracle9i Forms, and you know that many of the forms in the application use RU...
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