Which file would you modify so that the oracle9i

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Unformatted text preview: your PL/SQL code to ARCHIVES2001. Which file would you modify so that the Oracle9i Forms Migration Assistant performs the substitution when you use this tool to upgrade your application? A. RULES.PROPERTIES B. FORMS90.PROPERTIES C. CONVERTER.PROPERTIES D. LOCALSTRINGS.PROPERTIES E. SEARCH_REPLACE.PROPERTIES Answer: E QUESTION 73: What is the function of the Forms Servlet? A. It creates a dynamic HTML file. B. It starts a Forms run-time session. C. It manages network requests from the Forms Client. D. It connects to and communicates with the database server. E. It renders the Forms Service application display for the user. Answer: A QUESTION 74: A user runs, and then exists, the Payroll form session over the Web. The same user then starts a Sales forms session over the Web. The Sales forms application uses two form modules and two custom menu modules. How many Forms applets are required? A. One Forms applet is required to run any Oracle9iAS Forms Service application. B. Five Forms applets are required. Separate Form applets must be deployed for each Oracle9iAS F...
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