You are stepping through the raisesalaries subprogram

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Unformatted text preview: through the RAISE_SALARIES subprogram (as shown in the exhibit). Which statement is true about what you can do at this point in the debugger? A. You can modify the calculation in the line of code that is about to be executed in the PL/SQL Editor, when you click Step Into, the new calculation is used. B. You can change the value of the percentage in the text item on the running form; when you click Step Into, the calculation uses the changed value. C. You can modify the value for the Percent_To_Raise variable in the Variables panel of the debugger, when you click Step Into, the calculation uses the changed value. D. You cannot change the values or the code while the form is running, you must click Stop, make the changes, and run the form again. Answer: C QUESTION 44: The user of an application reports that clicking a button on a form causes an error. After deciding to debug the application remotely, you attach to the running application and open the corresponding .fmb file in Forms Builder. What is the next...
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