Com the power of knowing 1z0 140 you are configuring

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Unformatted text preview: er of Knowing 1Z0-140 You are configuring time-zone support for your Oracle9i Forms application, which is accessed by users working across different time zones. You want to ensure that times committed to the database are "US/Central" times. Which environment variables should you set? A. FORMS90_TZFILE only. B. FORMS90_DATETIME_LOCAL_TZ only. C. FORMS90_DATETIME_SERVER_TZ only. D. FORMS90_DATETIME_LOCAL_TZ and FORMS90_TZFILE. E. FORMS90_DATETIME_SERVER_TZ and FORMS90_TZFILE. F. FORMS90_DATETIME_SERVER_TZ and FORMS90_DATETIME_LOCAL_TZ Answer: E QUESTION 23: The Oracle9i Forms Migration Assistant can perform which three tasks? (Choose three) A. Convert all obsolete built-ins to equivalent built-ins that are supported in Oracle9i Forms. B. Upgrade a Forms 6i object library to an Oracle9i Forms object library. C. Migrate a Forms 4.5 Forms module through a supported migration path to Oracle9i Forms. D. Create a report object node in a form when converting code for calling reports. E....
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