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Unformatted text preview: amp;MON=may D. http://PayMore.com/forms90/f90servlet?form=monpay.fmx&userid=ora1/[email protected]&MON=may E. http://PayMore.com:8888/forms90/f90servlet?form=monpay.fmx&userid=ora1/[email protected]&MON=may F. http://PayMore.com:8888/forms90/f90servlet?form=monpay.fmb&userid=ora1/[email protected]&MON=may Answer: D QUESTION 65: When is a JDAPI session closed? A. When the Jdapi.shutdown() method is called. B. When the save() method is called on the Forms object. C. When the compile() method is called on the Forms object. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-140 D. When the destroy() method is called on the Forms object. Answer: A QUESTION 66: On Windows platforms, which two programs in the \BIN directory enable you to upgrade applications from Forms 6i to Oracle9i Forms? (Choose two) A. IFCMP80.EXE B. IFWEB90.EXE C. D2SCV90.EXE D. FNCHK90.EXE E. IFXML2F90.BAT F. RWBUILDER.EXE G. IFPLSQLCONV90.BAT Answer: A, G QUESTION 67: Which two Oracle9iAS components run in the OC4J container? (Choose two...
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