05 elsip vsal 1000 then vraise 07 else vraise 04 end

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Unformatted text preview: sal INTO v_sal FROM emp WHERE empno = v_id; IF v_sal < 500 THEN v_raise := .05; ELSIP v_sal < 1000 THEN v_raise := .07; ELSE v_raise := .04; END IF; update_sal(v_raise); END update_emp; FUNCTION calc_tax (p_sal NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER IS BEGIN RETURN p_sal * tax_rate; END calc_tax; Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 END manage_emps; / What is the name of the private procedure in this package? A. CALC_TAX B. INSERT_EMP C. UPDATE_SAL D. DELETE_EMP E. UPDATE_EMP F. MANAGE_EMPS Answer: C Explanation: This procedure is not declared in the package specification and therefore it is not public. Constructs declared and defined in the package body are known as private constructs. These constructs are available from inside the package only and cannot be called from outside the package. Incorrect Answers A, B, D & E Procedures declared in the package specification are public constructs and they can be referenced from outside the package. F. Is the Package Name and it is not a Public or Private Procedure QUESTION 44: What can you do with the DBMS_LOB package? A. Use the DBMS_LOB.WRITE procedure to write data to a BFILE. B. Use the DBMS_LOB.BFILENAME function to locate an external BFILE. C. Use the DBMS_LOB.FILEEXISTS function to find the location of a BFILE. D. Use the DBMS_LOB.FILECLOSE procedure to close the file being accessed. Answer: D Incorrect Answers: A. DBMS_LOB.WRITE is used to write to Internal LOBs. The internal LOB is stored inside the Oracle server. A BLOB, NCLOB, or CLOB can be one of the following: An attribute of a user-defined type A column in a table A bind or host variable A PL/SQL variable, parameter, or result Internal LOBs can take advantage of Oracle features such as: Concurrency mechanisms Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 Redo logging and recovery or rollbacks B. BFILENAME is a built-in function that initializes a BFILE column to point to an external file. Use the BFILENAME function as part of an INSERT statement to initial...
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