B the statsexistexception needs to be declared as an

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Unformatted text preview: been declared. Incorrect Answers A. This is the correct syntax for raising an exception. B. The STATS_EXIST_EXCEPTION needs to be declared as an exception not as a number. C. You have use predefined, Non_predefined and User_Defined Exceptions in the EXCEPTION section QUESTION 72: Examine this package: CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE manage_emps IS tax_rate CONSTANT NUMBER(5,2) := .28; v_id NUMBER; PROCEDURE insert_emp (p_deptno NUMBER, p_sal NUMBER); PROCEDURE delete_emp; PROCEDURE update_emp; FUNCTION calc_tax (p_sal NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER; END manage_emps; / CREATE OR REPLACE PACKAGE BODY manage_emps IS PROCEDURE update_sal (p_raise_amt NUMBER) IS BEGIN UPDATE emp SET sal = (sal * p_raise_emt) + sal WHERE empno = v_id; Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 END; PROCEDURE insert_emp (p_deptno NUMBER, p_sal NUMBER) IS BEGIN INSERT INTO emp(empno, deptno, sal) VALYES(v_id, p_depntno, p_sal); END insert_emp; PROCEDURE delete_emp IS BEGIN DELETE FROM emp WHERE empno = v_id; END delete_emp; PROCEDURE update_emp IS v_sal NUMBER(10, 2); v_raise NUMBER(10, 2); BEGIN SELECT sal INTO v_sal FROM emp WHERE empno = v_id; IF v_sal < 500 THEN v_raise := .05; ELSIP v_sal < 1000 THEN v_raise := .07; ELSE v_raise := .04; END IF; update_sal(v_raise); END update_emp; FUNCTION calc_tax (p_sal NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER IS BEGIN RETURN p_sal * tax_rate; END calc_tax; END manage_emps; / How many public procedures are in the MANAGE_EMPS package? A. One B. Two C. Three Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 D. Four E. Five Answer: C Explanation: There are three procedure that are declared in the Package Specification and these Procedures are public and can be called from inside and outside of the package. Incorrect Answers A, B, D & E. There are three procedures and one function declared in the package specification which are public. There is also one procedure that is only declared in the package body and it is private. QUESTION 73: Which command must you issue to allow users to access the UPD_TEAM...
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