B you can use packaged functions in query statements

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Unformatted text preview: e current transaction with COMMIT or ROLLBACK, or ROLLBACK to a savepoint prior to the function execution. B. You can use packaged functions in query statements provided they do not violate certain restrictions. D. This results in a mutating table and will generate a runtime error. E. The PRAGMA RESTRICT_REFERENCES is a compiler directive compiler as to what a function can and cannot do. This compiler processing so that the function conforms to its purity level. This will not prevent the problem of a mutating table. QUESTION 98: You have a table with the following definition: CREATE TABLE long_tab ( id NUMBER) long_col LONG) Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 You need to convert the LONG_COL column from a LONG data type to a LOB data type. Which statement accomplish this task? A. AKTER TABLE long_tab MODIFY (LONG_COL CLOB); B. EXECUTE dbms_lob.migrate(long_tab, long_col, clob) C. EXECUTE dbms_manage.lob.migrate(long_tab, long_col, clob) D. EXECUTE utl_lob.migrate(long_tab, long_col, clob) E. EXECUTE utl_manage_lob.migrate(long_tab, long_col, clob) Answer: A Explanation: In Oracle 9i, a LONG column in a Table can be migrated to a LOB column using the ALTER TABLE statement. The syntax is: ALTER TABLE &lt;schema&gt;.&lt;table name&gt;&lt;BR&gt; MODIFY <long column name> {CLOB | BLOB | NCLOB} In Oracle 8i you must use the TO_LOB function to migrate an existing LONG column to a LOB column. This function can only be used in the SELECT list of a subquery in an INSERT Statement. QUESTION 99: Why do you use an INSTEAD OF trigger? A. To perform clean up actions when ending a user session. B. To insert data into a view that normally does not accept inserts. C. To insert into an audit table when data is updated in a sensitive column. D. To modify data in which the DML statement has been issued against an inherently non-updateable view. Answer: D Explanation: An INSTEAD OF trigger is used to perform a DML activity on the underlying tables of a view that is inherentl...
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