Grant selectinsertupdatedelete on updteamstat to

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Unformatted text preview: _STAT trigger on the TEAM table? A. GRANT SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE ON TEAM TO PUBLIC; B. GRANT SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE,DELETE ON UPD_TEAM_STAT TO PUBLIC; C. GRANT EXECUTE ON TEAM TO PUBLIC D. GRANT SELECT, EXECUTE ON TEAM, UPD_TEAM_STAT TO PUBLIC; Answer: A QUESTION 74: Examine this code: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE set_bonus (p_cutoff IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'WEEKLY' p_employee_id IN employees_employee_id%TYPE p_salary IN employees_salary%TYPE, p_bonus_percent IN OUT NUMBER DEFAULT 1.5, p_margin OUT NUMBER DEFAULT 2, p_bonus_value OUT NUMBER) IS BEGIN UPDATE emp_bonus SET bonus_amount =(p_salary * p_bonus_percent)/p_margin WHERE employee_id = p_employee_id; END set_bonus; / You execute the CREATE PROCEDURE statement above and notice that it fails. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 What are two reasons why it fails? (Choose two) A. The syntax of the UPDATE statement is incorrect. B. You cannot update a table using a stored procedure. C. The format parameter p_bonus_value is declared but is not used anywhere. D. The formal parameter p_cutoff cannot have a DEFAULT clause. E. The declaration of the format parameter p_margin cannot have a DEFAULT clause. F. The declaration of the format parameter p_bonus_percent cannot have a DEFAULT clause. Answer: E, F Explanation: You can't assign a default value for the OUT and IN OUT parameters. Assigning a default value to an OUT or IN OUT parameter causes the following compilation error: PLS-00230: OUT and IN OUT formal parameters may not have default expressions Incorrect Answers A. There are no syntax errors on the Procedure. B. Updates in a Stored Procedure are allowed and are quite common. C. This parameter has a default value and the fact that it is not being used in the Procedure will not cause an error. QUESTION 75: Which three statements are true regarding database triggers? (Choose three) A. A database trigger is a PL/SQL block, C, or Java procedure associated with a table, view, schema, or the database. B. A d...
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