If the exception is handled all the statements remain

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Unformatted text preview: ure, the control is transferred to the exception-handling section of the calling procedure. If the exception is handled, all the statements remain intact. If the exception is not handled in the calling procedure's exception-handling section, all the statements are rolled back, and the exception propagates to the calling environment. Incorrect Answers B. This is not true because an error is occurs on the SELECT Statement and the INSERT Transaction is rolled back when the error is encountered. C. The insert into the location table is also rolled back. The insert_locaton calls the insert_dept Stored Procedure, this procedure fails and control is passed back to the calling procedure which does not have an exception section , therefore both the insert into the locations table and the insert into the departments table are rolled back. D. Due to the lack of exception handling the inserts into the locations & departments are rollback back. QUESTION 56: The creation of which database objects will cause a DDL trigger to fire? (Choose all that apply) A. Index B. Cluster C. Package D. Function E. Synonyms F. Dimensions G. Database links Answer: A,B, C,D,E Explanation: DDL triggers fire for clusters, functions, indexes, packages, procedures, roles, sequences, synonyms, tables, tablespaces, triggers, types, views, or users. QUESTION 57: Which two program declarations are correct for a stored program unit? (Choose two) A. CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION tax_amt (p_id NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER B. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE tax_amt Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 (p_id NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER C. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE tax_amt (p_id NUMBER, p_amount OUT NUMBER) D. CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION tax_amt (p_id NUMBER) RETURN NUMBER(10,2) E. CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE tax_amt (p_id NUMBER, p_amount OUT NUMBER(10, 2)) Answer: A,C Explanation: A. This is the correct syntax for creating a Function. The syntax for creating a function is similar to that of creating a procedure with the addition of a RETURN statement. The following is the syntax for CREATE FUNCTION...
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