Incorrect answer b as a rule of thumb exceptions are

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Unformatted text preview: e executable section after the exception is handled rather it propagates to the enclosing block. Incorrect Answer B. As a rule of thumb, exceptions are declared in the declarative section, raised in the executable section, and handled in the exception-handling section. When an exception is raised, the control is passed to the exception-handling section QUESTION 82: Which two tables or views track object dependencies? (Choose two) A. USER_DEPENDENCIES B. USER_IDEPTREE C. IDEPTREE D. USER_DEPTREE E. USER_DEPENDS Answer: A, C Explanation: A. The data dictionary view USER_DEPENDENCIES displays information about all direct dependencies within - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 your schema. C. The IDEPTREE View displays indirect dependencies in an indented format. Incorrect Answers B, D & E. These are not valid Oracle Views QUESTION 83: Examine the trigger heading: CREATE OR REPLACE TRIGGER salary_check BEFORE UPDATE OF sal, job ON emp FOR EACH ROW Under which condition does this trigger fire? A. When a row is inserted into the EMP table. B. When the value of the SAL or JOB column in a row is updated in the EMP table. C. When any column other than the SAL and JOB columns in a row are updated in the EMP table. D. Only when both values of the SAL and JOB columns in a row are updated together in the EMP table. Answer: B Explanation: The triggering event is based on an UPDATE of the SAL or the JOB column in the EMP Table. Incorrect Answers A. The triggering event is not an INSERT into the table. C. The Trigger is defined to fire when either the SAL or JOB columns are updated. The trigger will not fire if any of the other columns in the table are updated. D. The Trigger fires based on an Update of the SAL OR JOB Column . This is not an AND Operator. QUESTION 84: You have an AFTER UPDATE row-level on the table EMP. The trigger queries the EMP table and inserts the updating user's information into the AUDIT_TABLE. What happens when the user updates rows on the EMP table? A. A compile time error occurs. B....
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