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Unformatted text preview: CEDURE ADD_PLAYER Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 (V_ID IN NUMBER, V_LAST_NAME VARCHAR2) IS BEGIN INSERT INTO PLAYER (ID,LAST_NAME) VALUES (V_ID, V_LAST_NAME); COMMIT; END; This procedure must invoke the APD_BAT_STAT procedure and pass a parameter. Which statement, when added to the above procedure will successfully invoke the UPD_BAT_STAT procedure? A. EXECUTE UPD_BAT_STAT(V_ID); B. UPD_BAT_STAT(V_ID); C. RUN UPD_BAT_STAT(V_ID); D. START UPD_BAT_STAT(V_ID); Answer: B Explanation: Correct Answers Answer B When invoking a Procedure from within another procedure you omit the EXECUTE. You call the Procedure by specifying the Procedure Name and the argument list and a semi-colon Incorrect Answers: A. You omit the EXECUTE when calling a procedure from within a procedure. C. RUN is not valid for invoking a procedure D. Is invalid for invoking a procedure QUESTION 29: Which statement about triggers is true? A. You use an application trigger to fire when a DELETE statement occurs. B. You use a database trigger to fire when an INSERT statement occurs. C. You use a system event trigger to fire when an UPDATE statement occurs. D. You use INSTEAD OF trigger to fire when a SELECT statement occurs. Answer: B Explanation: Answer: B Database trigger - Fires when a particular event occurs in the database. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-147 The events that fire a database trigger are Data events and System events. Data events consist of DML statements (INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE) and DDL statements, such as CREATE or DROP. System Events Comprised of actions that are performed either at the schema level or database level. Incorrect Answers: A. An Application trigger fires when a particular event occurs in the application. Application triggers aredeveloped using Oracle client-side tools, such as Oracle Forms Developer. C. The events that cause triggers created on system events to fire are: DDL statement on an object,Users logging on or off the database, Database shutd...
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