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Unformatted text preview: acle Directory Manager Answer: C, E QUESTION 42: When adding a new instance to an Oracle9i Application Server cluster, which process is responsible for accessing the Infrastructure and creating the required local configuration files? A. OPMN B. DCM C. An OC4J process D. The OHS parent process E. An OHS child process Answer: B QUESTION 43: You want to allow all clients from IP subnet 144.23.4 to be able to access specific static content in your Web site. You choose to implement this using the following Oracle HTTP Server directives: Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-301 <Directory static_directory> allow from 144.23.4 </Directory> Which Oracle HTTP Server Security Module must be included in your configuration to enable this feature? A. mod_auth B. mod_ossi C. mod_access D. mod_address E. mod_auth_anon Answer: C QUESTION 44: All the user credentials of a department are stored in the OID server. How will you identify a particular user entry uniquely? A. Using the user name. B. Using Distinguished Name. C. Using Directory Information Tree. D. Using Relative Distinguished Name. Answer: B QUESTION 45: What is true regarding Oracle9iAS Single Sign-On applications? A. Partner applications delete gate authorization to Single Sign-On server. B. Partner applications delete authentication to Single Sign-On server. C. External applications delegate authorization to Single Sign-On server. D. External applications delegate authentication to Single Sign-On server. Answer: B QUESTION 46: Which three files are found by default in the $ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/home/config directory? (Choose three) A. server.xml B. internal.xml C. targets0.xml D. principals.xml Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-301 E. data-sources.xml Answer: A, D, E QUESTION 47: The surge protection feature of Oracle9iAS Web Cache enables you to _______. A. Cache partial pages. B. Compress documents that are requested. C. Invalidate noncacheable contents in the cache regularly. D. Limit the concurrent requests for non-cacheable content to origin servers. Answer: D QUESTION 48: What is the default location of most of the configuration files used by the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)? A. $HOME/Apache/conf B. $HOME/Apache/Apache/conf C. $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/conf D. $ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf Answer: D QUESTION 49: When Oracle9iAS Portal is installed, in which schema are its components stored in the Metadata Repository? A. SYS B. SYSTEM C. SCOTT D. OEM_REPOSITORY E. A new schema used internally for Portal. Answer: E QUESTION 50: The OID server in your organization contains various details of the organization. You are asked to set up the hierarchy structure of your department in the OID server. What should you create? Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-301 A. Naming Context B. Directory Schema C. Department Attribute D. Database table in the ODS schema with all the user details as rows. Answer: B QUESTION 51: Which command will show the condition of the Oracle HTTP Server? A. dcmctl status -v B. dcmctl status -ohs C. dcmctl getState -v D. dcmctl getState -ohs Answer: C QUESTION 52: You are running several Oracle9iAS instances behind one Web Cache instance running on a different host. The Web Cache is on ed-sun1. Certkiller .com:80. Web Cache expects to find the 9iAS instance your are configured at ed-sun3. Certkiller .com:7780. You are using Portal. There is a firewall blocking direct client access to the 9iAS instances. Any directive not shown has its default value. What is the correct configuration to allow rewritten requests to be handled by the Web Cache and passed through? A. Port 7780 Listen 7780 ServerName ed-sun3. Certkiller .com UseCanoncialName On B. Port 80 Listen 7780 ServerName ed-sun1. Certkiller .com ServerTokens Full C. Port 7780 Listen 80 ServerName ed-sun1. Certkiller .com ServerTokens prod D. Port 80 Listen 80 ServerName ed-sun3. Certkiller .com UseCanonicalName on E. Port 80 Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-301 Listen 7780 ServerName ed-sun3. Certkiller .com ServerTokens prod F. Port 7780 Listen 80 ServerName ed-sun1. Certkiller .com ServerTokens Full Answer: E QUESTION 53: Why does SSL communication switch to using symmetric encryption after the negotiation phase? A. It is faster. B. It is more secure. C. It is easier to distribute. D. It is easier to administer. Answer: A QUESTION 54: What directives is used to reduce the overhead of reestablishing network connections? A. KeepAlive B. MaxSpareServers C. MinSpareServers D. MaxKeepAliveRequests Answer: D QUESTION 55: The number of users working with the OID server increases suddenly. Which two actions can you take to immediately maintain the performance of the OID server? (Choose two) A. Allocate more space to the underlying database. B. Increase the size of the memory of the OID server. C. Increase the number of server process by increasing the value of ORCLSERVERPROCS and restart the instance....
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