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Unformatted text preview: M.cursor_item | | ' '| | : SYSTEM.trlgger_item) ; With the focus in Field1, and the values 1, 2 and 3 in the text items, what message will be displayed when the button is pressed? A. -4 Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 B. 1-2-3 C. 1-field1-CheckValues D. field1 - 1 - CheckValues E. 1 - CONTROL.FIELD1 - CONTROL.FIELD1 F. 1 _ CONTROL.FIELD1 - CONTROL.CHECK_VALUES G. :field1 - SYSTEM.cursor_item - :SYSTEM.trigge_item Answer: F QUESTION 181: You are designing a Human Resources application that uses a menu to implement most of the code. One of the menu items is labeled Raise Salary. The business rule is that the salary should be raised 2% if the salary of the selected employee shown in the form is less than $25,000 per year, but the raise should be 3% if the value of the salary item is $2 5,000 or greater. Which condition can you use in the menu code to determine if the current value of the Salary item in the Employees block is less than $ 25,000? A. IF : EMPLOYEES. SALARY < 25000 THEN ... B. IF COPY('EMPLOYEES.SALARY') < 25000 THEN ... C. IF NAME_IN ('EMPLOYEES. SALARY') <25000 THEN ... D. IF FIND_ITEM('EMPLOYEES.SALARY') < 25000 THEN ... E. IF GET_ITEM_PROPERTY('EMPLOYEES.SALARY',DATABASE_VALUE) < 25000 THEN ... Answer: C QUESTION 182: The Products.fmb module has one content canvas, which displays information about products sold by your company. You increase the canvas display area by creating an overlay canvas to enable product images to be displayed on request. At run time, however, the overlay canvas is never displayed; users complain that there is only a brief flash on their screen How do you correct this problem? A. Ensure that the current item is not hidden by the overlay canvas B. Call the built-in GET _VIEW_PROPERTY to set the canvas VISIBLE property to True C. In the Layout Editor, choose View Stacked Views Then select the overlay canvas in the Stacked Canvases dialog box D. Change the stacking order of canvases under the Canvases node in the Object Navigator Ensure that...
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