1 create the master block as described earlier in

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Unformatted text preview: reate the master block as described earlier in this lesson in the topic Creating a New Data Block. 2. Invoke the Data Block Wizard in the Object Navigator. 3. Follow the same steps as before to create a new data block in the Data Block Wizard until you come to the Master-Detail page. QUESTION 3: You are creating an application on a Windows PC, and you want to test a form. What are two ways to start an OC4J instance on the PC? (Choose two) A. From the Forms Builder menu. B. From the Windows Start menu. C. By executing a batch file that is included with Oracle9iDS. D. From the test form that is included with Oracle9iDS. E. From the HTML front end (runform.htm) that is included with Oracle9iDS. F. By running a Forms Builder form, which automatically starts OC4J. Answer: B, C Oracle 9i: Forms Developer Build Internet Application M3-P17 To use OC4J on Windows NT, you start it by executing the batch file provided, called startinst.bat. This file is located in the j2ee\Oracle9iDS\ subdirectory of ORACLE_HOME. If you will be testing your applications on your client machine, it is a good idea to set up a shortcut to this batch file, and also to the batch file to stop the OC4J instance, called stopinst.bat. QUESTION 4: While updating an existing customer record using the Customers form, the user invoked the Orders form by clicking the CONTROL.Orders_btn button. The When-Button-Pressed trigger had the following code: CALL_FORM('orders'); There is a requirement to navigate back to the Customers form after the order details have also been updated. This will be achieved through a form-level Key-Exit trigger in the Orders form. Which code should be used? A. IF GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY(calling_form) IS NOT NULL THEN EXIT_FORM(ASK_COMMIT, NO_ROLLBACK; ELSE EXIT_FORM; Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 END IF; B. VALIDATE(FORM_SCOPE); IF :SYSTEM.FORM_STATUS <> 'QUERY' THEN GO_FORM('CUSTOMERS'); ELSE EXIT_FORM; END IF; C. ENTER IF :SYSTEM.CURSOR_BLOCK = 'CHANGED' THEN COMMIT_FORM ; ELSE EXIT_FORM(NO_VALIDATE, NO_ROLLBACK); END IF; D....
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