4 for each item associate the tab page by specifying

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Unformatted text preview: o Tab. 3. For each item, associate the new canvas by specifying the Item Canvas property. 4. For each item, associate the tab page by specifying the Tab Page property. Answer: B,F QUESTION 85: Exhibit: Examine the structure of the DEPARTMENT.FMB module. The :EMP.JOB list item is populated at run time from the dynamically created Record Group DEPT_JOB. It contains job details only for the current DEPT record. The Record Group is repopulated each time the user navigates between DEPT records. Which two built-ins should you use to repopulate DEPT_JOBS and the list item? A. CLEAR_LIST and POPULATE_LIST B. CLEAR_RECORD and POPULATE_LIST C. POPULATE_GROUP_WITH_QUERY and RETRIEVE_LIST D. POPULATE_GROUP_WITH_QUERY and POPULATE_LIST E. POPULATE_GROUP and RETRIEVE_LIST F. POPULATE_GROUP and CLEAR_LIST Answer: D QUESTION 86: The Orders form has two base table blocks and a control block. There is an Execute Query button in the control Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 block with the following When-Button-Pressed trigger: DO_KEY('execute_query); A user navigates to the Order Items block and clicks Execute Query. The query does not execute, but instead returns error FRM-41003: "This function cannot be performed here". What can you do to fix this error? A. Define a Key-Exeqry trigger at the form level. B. Set the Mouse Navigate property to No for the Execute Query button. C. Set the Query All Records property to Yes for the Order Items block. D. Set the Query Allowed property to Yes for at least one item in the Order Items block. Answer: B QUESTION 87: There is a requirement to invoke the Orders form from the Customers form. Your colleagues offer some suggestions about which built-in to use and their reasons for the choice. Which suggestion names a built-in that will meet the requirement and offers a correct reason? A. CALL_FORM, because NEW_FORM is no longer valid for Web-deployed forms due to the extra network traffic that is causes. B. CALL_FORM, because it can be issued in Enter-Query mode and can be constrained to be "query only&qu...
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