5 press execute query to have the criteria applied to

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Unformatted text preview: re search criteria (while the form is still in Enter-Query mode). 5. Press [Execute Query] to have the criteria applied to both blocks at once. How can you provide the requested functionality? A. The requested functionality is the default behavior. You simply need to remove or rewrite the triggers you wrote that "broke" the form. B. Use a Key-Entqry trigger on the master block to redirect the focus to the detail block after the search criteria have been entered in the master block. C. You cannot perform the requested operation with a master-detail form. The restriction on navigating out of the current block during Enter-Query mode cannot be circumvented´. D. Use a Key-Exeqry trigger on both the master and detail blocks to call a centralized procedure and have the procedure handle the navigation. E. Use a Key-Nxtblk trigger on the ORDERS block to cause navigation to the ORDER_ITEMS block. This will work because Key triggers can fire in Enter-Query mode and call restricted built-ins such as GO_BLOCK(). F. Use a combination of Key-Entqry and Key-Exeqry triggers at form level to call generically written procedures to test where the current focus is and set global variables that a form-level Key-Nxtblk trigger can use to redirect the focus. Answer: C QUESTION 53: You are developing a Human Resourced form with a single block to display employees. For each employee, you look up the department name to display in a non-base-table item. When you test the form, you discover that when you enter a new employee as the first employee in a new department that has not yet been created in the database, you get the following error when you try to navigate out of the Department_Id item: FRM-40735: WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM trigger raised unhandled exception ORA-01403. The ORA-01403 exception is the NO_DATA_FOUND exception. When this message is received, you cannot navigate out of the Department_Id item. You add the following code to the When-Validate-Item trigger on the Department_Id item to display a meaningful message to the use: EXCEPTION WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN MESSAGE(...
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