A button3 was not properly subclassed b width is a

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Unformatted text preview: dth for Button3 not change to 60? A. Button3 was not properly subclassed. B. Width is a changed property in Button3. C. Width is a variant property in Button3. D. Width is a default property in Button3. E. Width is an inherited property in Button3. Answer: C QUESTION 21: Exhibit: You have created three list items, each of which is in a different list style. You have defined the same four list elements for each list item. The exhibit depicts the list items at run time after user input. What is the list style of each list item? A. List 1: Combo box; List 2: poplist; List 3: Tlist B. List 1: poplist ;List 2: Combo box; List 3: Tlist C. List 1: poplist; List 2: Tlist; List 3: Combo box D. List 1: Tlist; List 2: Combo box; List 3: poplist E. List 1: Combo box; List 2: Tlist; List 3: poplist Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 F. List 1: Tlist; List 2: poplist; List 3: Combo box Answer: B QUESTION 22: Which is a method of reuse that is possible with a PL/SQL program unit, but not possible with a Forms trigger? A. Copy and paste text. B. Create a library module. C. Move to an object library. D. Copy and paste within a module. E. Copy to or subclass from another module. Answer: B QUESTION 23: Exhibit: ***MISSING*** You are attempting to drag the Control and CV_Order objects to an object group as shown in the exhibit, but you are unable to release them in the Object Group Children node of the object group. What is the reason for this? A. You cannot drag a canvas to an object group. B. The Control block already exists in the object group. C. You need separate object groups for different types of objects. D. You cannot drag multiple types of objects to an object group at the same time. E. You should drag them to the ObjectGroup98 node, not to its Object Group Children node. Answer: MISSING THE EXHIBIT QUESTION 24: A user has requested a change to the Summit.fmb module. The form has two windows, DEPT_WIN and EMP_WIN. DEPT_WIN is always visible to the user. However, EMP_WIN is only oc...
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