A callform b openform c newform d webshowdocument

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Unformatted text preview: ET_GROUP_SELECTION E. RESET_GROUP_SELECTION F. GET_GROUP_RECORD_NUMBER Answer: D QUESTION 150: Which built-in always starts a new Forms run-time session when you use it to invoke another form? A. CALL_FORM B. OPEN_FORM C. NEW_FORM D. WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT Answer: A QUESTION 151: There is a requirement to prevent users from exiting the Orders form until a value is entered into the Sales REP Id text item. Users would like to have maximum flexibility. Sometimes the Sales Rep Id is the last item they complete. Which option provides the flexibility to enter values into the items in any order? A. For Sales Rep Id, set the Required? property to Yes and the Validate from List property to Yes. B. Use a When-Validate-Item trigger on the Sales Rep Id text item to display a message and a When-Validate-Record trigger on the Orders block to raise a FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE if a value is not supplied. C. Use a When-Validate-Item trigger on the Sales Rep Ip text item to disable the Exit option in the File menu if a value is not supplied. D. Use a When-Validate-Item trigger on the Sales Rep Id text item that displays a message and raises a FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE if a value is not supported. E. Use a Key-Exit trigger at the form level, which will display a message if a value is not supported or will EXIT_FORM if a value is not supplied. Answer: B QUESTION 152: An application is accessed through the Summit form, which can open the Customers form and the Orders form. The Customers form can also open the Orders form, and the Orders form can open the Customers form. What should you do to ensure that forms are closed in the proper order so that the session closes down when the last form is exited? A. You should keep track of the order of the opening of forms in a global record group. Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 Then in the Key-Exit trigger for each form, you should allow only the last form that was opened to be closed. B. You should make sure that the Summit form that started the session is the last one closed by coding its Key-Exit trigger to exit onl...
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