A if the maximum length of an item is set to a value

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Unformatted text preview: er with the code DO_KEY('COMMIT_FORM'); Answer: D QUESTION 118: Which statement about the Data properties of a text item is true? A. If the Maximum Length of an item is set to a value that is greater than the value for Width, the item will not Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 be displayed at run time. B. You can set the Initial Value for an item outside the range of values specified by the Lowest Allowed Value and the Highest Allowed Value properties because Initial Value defines an exception to that range. C. If you set the Required property to Yes for an item whose corresponding database column does not have a NOT NULL constraint, you will receive an error at run time. D. If Data Length Semantics property is set by BYTE, you may need to manually adjust the Maximum Length property depending on the character set that is being used. Answer: D QUESTION 119: You need a field on the Orders form that shows a description of the product being ordered. This field must not be updated directly by the user. Instead, double-clicking in the field should invoke another form where a change can be made. How can you achieve this? A. By creating a Display Item and writing a When-Mouse-Doubleclick trigger to invoke the other form. B. By creating a Text Item, setting its Update Allowed property to No in the Property Palette, and writing a When-Button-Pressed trigger to invoke the other form. C. By creating a Text Item, writing a When-Mouse-Doubleclick trigger to invoke the other form, and changing its Keyboard Navigable property in a When-New-Item-Instance trigger written against the item. D. By using a Pluggable Java Component. (The required behavior cannot be achieved with a standard forms item. A PJC will need to be written or purchased from a third-party supplier. Answer: A QUESTION 120: You have an image item in the Employees form to display an employee photograph, and you are trying to decide where to place some code to manipulate the image item. If you place the code in a When-Image-Activated...
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