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Unformatted text preview: lt-ins can you to create JOBS? A. RETRIVE_LIST(list_id, 'JOBS'); B. POPULATE_GROUP_WITH_QUERY ('JOBS', 'SELECT distinct initcap(job) as Job,'|| 'job as JOB from emp'); C. POPULATE_GROUP_WITH_QUERY ('JOBS', 'SELECT initcap(title) as Job,'|| 'sal as Salary from emp'); D. rgid := CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY ('JOBS', 'SELECT distinct initcap(job) as Job ,'|| 'job as JOB from emp'); E. rgid := CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY ('JOBS', 'SELECT initcap(title)as Job.'|| 'sal as Salary from emp' ) F. rgid := CREATE_GROUP_FROM_QUERY ('JOBS', Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 'SELECT distinct initcap(job) as Job,'|| 'job as JOB, sal as Salary from emp'); Answer: D QUESTION 27: Your company assigns three possible credit ratings to customers: Poor, Good, and Excellent (represented numerically by 1, 2, and 3). The DBA has just added a RATING column to the CUSTOMERS table and has asked you to add an item to your form so that credit ratings can be recorded. To restrict data entry clerks to one of these three values, you decide to create a radio group for the Rating item. With the items node of the Customers block selected in the Object Navigator, you click Create. You then open the Property Palette for the new item and set properties as follows: Name: RATING Item Type: Radio Group Data Type: Number Column Name: Rating Canvas: CUSTOMER_CV You open the CUSTOMER_CV canvas in the Layout Editor, but the Rating item does not appear. How can you get the Rating item to appear on the canvas? A. Create a radio button for the radio group. B. Set the Visible property of the Rating item to Yes. C. Delete the radio group and create it in the Layout Editor because a radio group that is created in the Object Navigator will not appear on a canvas. D. Change the width of the Rating item because the default width of a radio group is 0, so it does not appear on the canvas. Answer: A QUESTION 28: The Orders form is required to initialize differently for different users. A database procedure (GET_ROLE_NAME) is used to determine which database roles are enabled for the...
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