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Answer b actualtestscom the power of knowing 1z0 141

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Unformatted text preview: that is included with the product to enable debugging. Answer: B Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 QUESTION 45: In a multiform application, one form must invoke another. The form modules are called Customers and Orders internally, but the compiled files are saved as CUST.FMX and ORD.FMX, respectively. There is a button in the Customers form with a When-Button-Pressed trigger to invoke the Orders form. There is a requirement that only one Orders form can be running at a time, so the trigger must check to see if the form is already open. If it is open, the focus must be sent to it. If it is not open, it has to be opened. Which of these trigger codes will achieve the required functionality? A. IF NOT FIND_FORM('ord') THEN OPEN_FORM('ord'); ELSE GO_FORM(orders'); END IF; B. IF ID_NULL(FIND_FORM('ord')) THEN OPEN_FORM('orders'); ELSE GO_FORM(ord'); END IF; C. IF ID_NULL(FIND_FORM('orders')) THEN OPEN_FORM('ord'); ELSE GO_FORM(orders'); END IF; D. IF NOT FIND_FORM('orders')) THEN OPEN_FORM('orders'); ELSE GO_FORM(orders'); END IF; Answer: C QUESTION 46: Exhibit: SQL> desc orders Name Null? Type ------------------------------ -------------- -----------------ORDER_ID NOT NULL NUMBER(12) ORDER_DATE NOT NULL DATE ORDER_MODE VARCHAR2(8) CUSTOMER_ID NOT NULL NUMBER(6) ORDER_STATUS NUMBER(2) ORDER_TOTAL NUMBER(8,2) SALES_REP_ID NUMBER(6) SQL> desc order_items Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 Name Null? Type ----------------------------- -------------- -----------------ORDER_ID NOT NULL NUMBER(12) LINE_ITEM_ID NOT NULL NUMBER(3) PRODUCT_ID NOT NULL NUMBER(6) UNIT_PRICE NUMBER(8,2) QUANTITY NUMBER(8) ITEM_TOTAL NUMBER(10,2) Examine the structure of the ORDERS and ORDER_ITEMS tables. The ORDERS table has been denormalized in that the column ORDER_TOTAL contains the total cost for all ORDER_ITEMS linked to particular order via the foreign key ORDER_ID. You need to create a form that maintains the denormalized column in the database and displays the updated Order_Total wh...
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