D formf can be invoked from forme using callform e

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Unformatted text preview: rom FormD using CALL_FORM. D. FormF can be invoked from FormE using CALL_FORM. E. FormF can be invoked from FormB using OPEN_FORM. Answer: D QUESTION 19: Some forms that you wrote have been through part of the testing cycle. One of the testers has reported encountering a "Navigation Trap" in your Orders form. Which scenario could have caused the Navigation Trap? A. The Pre-Form trigger validates the user and time of day and also contains the code: GO)ITEM('ORDERS.Date_Orderd'); This is an illegal call to a restricted built-in, resulting in the Navigation Trap. B. Two adjacent text items have When-New-Item-Instance triggers that fail when executed. This left the internal cursor with no place to go when the tester attempted to navigate to them, and there was a fatal error for the form. C. A Pre-Text-Item trigger allows the focus unto the text item the first time it is executed, but subsequent execution raises a FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE. A Pre-Text-Item trigger on a different text item also fails. D. The Next Navigation Data Block and Previous Navigation Data Block properties of the Orders and Order_Items blocks have been set so that the focus cannot move to the Inventories block. E. A When-Validate-Item trigger on a text item validates the contents of the wrong field, and you have coded a GO_ITEM() that sends the focus back to the item that invoked it. F. The Next Navigation Item and Previous Navigation Item properties of some text items have been set so that the user is stuck in an infinite navigation loop. Answer: C QUESTION 20: Exhibit: Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 You are modifying a form that has four buttons on a canvas. Button2, Button3, and Button4 are all subclassed from Button1. You want to change the width of all the buttons, so you open the Property Palette for Button1 and change its width to 60. In the Layout Editor, you can see that all buttons have become smaller except for Button3. You open the Property Palette for Button3 (as shown in the exhibit). Why did the wi...
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