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Unformatted text preview: ance trigger. B. In a Pre-Query trigger on the Orders block. C. In a When-Create-Record trigger on the Orders block. D. In a When-New-Record-Instance trigger on the Orders block. Answer: C QUESTION 90: You are running a multiple-form application. The Customers form invoked the Orders form. When the Orders form launches, it displays orders for only the active customer from the Customers form. Forms exchange data with the :GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID variable. The Orders form should be restricted to orders for the current customer only the first time a query is issued after invoking the Orders form. Which built-in helps you to do this by setting the ONETIME_WHERE property to refer dynamically to the GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID? A. SET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY B. SET_FORM_PROPERTY C. SET_BLOCK_PROPERTY D. SET_RECORD_PROPERTY Answer: C QUESTION 91: You need to restrict access to a form. Access must be limited to a particular times of day and to certain authorized users. You write a procedure (get_authorization) in the form that checks the username of the person logging in and Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 validates the time of day. If the person is not authorized to use the form at that time, the following code is executed: ... MESSAGE ('You are not authorized to access the form at this time'); RAISE FORM_TRIGGER_FAILURE; What is the best trigger from which to call this procedure? Why? A. When-Validate-Item on the first enterable item, because the form will exit without showing the position of fields on the screen or the accompanying prompts. B. Pre-Text-Item on the first navigable text item in the first navigable block, because this will trap every user and allow time for the message to be read before exiting the form. C. When-New-Form-Instance at form level, because GET_AUTHORIZATION is a restricted procedure and cannot be called from any "Pre" trigger. D. Pre-Form at form level, because the form will exit immediately after displaying the message in an alert. E. W...
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