E define a data block based in a from clause query

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Unformatted text preview: data block based on a Ref Cursor. B. Define a data block based on Table of Records. C. Define a data block based on a Form Clause query. D. Define a data block based on a combination of a Form Clause query and a Table of Records. E. Define a data block based in a From Clause query and a Ref Cursor for controlling DML statements. Answer: B QUESTION 167: Exhibit: Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 The text items (Field1, Field2, and Field3) and the button (Check_Values) are in the CONTROL block. The Mouse Navigate property of the button has been set to No. The following code has been written in a When-Button-Pressed trigger on the Check_Values button: MESSAGE(:field1 l l'- 'l l NAME_IN(:SYSTEM.cursor.item) I I NAMEIN(SYSTEM.cursor.item')); With the focus in FIELD1, and the values field1, field2, and field3 in the text items, what message will be displayed when the button is clicked? A. field1-field1-field1 B. field1-field2-field3 C. field1-field2-CheckValues D. field1-field1-CheckValues E. field1-field1-CONTROL.FIELD1 F. CONTROL.FIELD1- CONTROL.FIELD1- field1 G. CONTROL.FIELD1 - CONTROL.FIELD2 - field3 Answer: E QUESTION 168: The Orders form is required to initialize differently for different users. A database procedure (GET _ROLE_NAME) is used to determine which database roles are enabled for the user logging on to the form If the user has the STORE_CLERK role enabled, certain buttons are disabled and the focus is sent to the Custome_Id text item. If the user has the ADMIN_MGR role enabled, all buttons are available and the focus is sent to the Date Ordered text item. You have written a procedure (SET_BUTTONS) to set the appropriate button properties. The functionality is achieved with this code: IF get role name (USER)='STORE_CLERK'THEN set_buttons('STORE_CLERK'); Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 GO_ITEM('ORDERS.Customers_id'); ELSE set_buttons(ADMIN_MGR'); GO_ITEM('ORDERS.Date_Ordered'); END IF; What is the best trigger to execute this code? A. Pre-Form at form level B. When-Validate-ltem at form level C. When-New-Form-instance at form level D. When-Button-Pressed on any of the enabled but...
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