Examine the code for the on error trigger when you

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Unformatted text preview: alert called Ouery_Alert. For the FRM-40505 error, the trigger should display the database error message in the Ouery_Alert. For all other errors, the trigger should display default messages on the console message line. Examine the code for the On-Error trigger. When you attempt to compile this trigger, you receive a compilation error with the message "Error 215 at line2, column 4: String length constraints must be in range (1..32767)". What corrections should you make so that the trigger compiles and functions properly? A. Eliminate the n variable because SHOW_ALERT does not return a value B. Change the n variable to a NUMBER data type and change SLQERRM to DBMS_ERROR_TEXT. C. Change the n variable to a NUMBER data type, replace SHOW_ALERT with FIND_ALERT, and change the line beginning with SET_ALERT _PROPERTY to SET_ALERT _MESSAGE _PROPERTY('Ouery _Alert' ,SQLERRM); D. Change all occurrences of error_code, error_type, and error_text to message_code, message_type and message_txt. Answer: B Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 QUESTION 176: You create a text item in the Object Navigator. Which property must you change from the default value 50 that the text item will not be part of the SOL statement when a query is issued on the block? A. Item Type B. Column Name C. Conceal Data D. Database Item Answer: D QUESTION 177: Which statement is true about built-ins that invoke one form from another? A. CALL_FORM cannot be issued while in Enter-Query mode B. CALL_FORM does not issue a save point C. NEW_FORM invokes the second form in a modal state so the user can navigate freely between the two running forms D. NEW_FORM improves performance but consumes more memory because the first form is retained in memory and returning to it is more efficient than reloading it E. OPEN_FORM invokes the second form in a modeless state and optionally within a different transaction scope F. OPEN_FORM is the only way to invoke the second form in "query only" Answer: E QUESTION 178: How can you restrict a query on...
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