F from clauses are used to perform joins and

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Unformatted text preview: ta block SELECT statement. E. The value returned from a FROM clause is a subset of records from a defined view on the database server. F. FROM clauses are used to perform joins and calculations without having to create a view on the server. Answer: B,D,F QUESTION 136: You want to insert a new row into the single column VIDEO Record Group. VIDEO has 14 rows, and the new row will be inserted after row 10. Which built-in will you use? A. ADD_GROUP_ROW ('VIDEO',10); B. ADD_GROUP_ROW ('VIDEO',11); C. SET_GROUP_SELECTION ('VIDEO',10); D. SET_GROUP_SELECTION ('VIDEO',11); E. ADD_GROUP_ROW ('VIDEO',END_OF_GROUP); Answer: B QUESTION 137: While using the LOV Wizard to create the LOV called SALES_REP_LOV, which is based on the SALES_REP_RG record group, you assign it to the Sales_Rep_Name item in the form that you are developing. After the LOV is created, you realize that you should have assigned the LOV to the Sales_Rep_Id item instead What can you do to make this change? Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 A. Change the Column Mapping properties of the SALES_REP_LOV list of values to return the value to SALES_REP_ID rather than to SALES_REP_NAME. B. Delete the value in the List of Values property for the Sales_Rep_Name item and set the List of Values property of the Sales_Rep_Id item to SALES_REP_LOV. C. Change the Record Group Query property of the SALES_REP_RG record group to select into the Sales_Rep_Id item instead of into the Sales_Rep_Name item. D. Delete the SALES_REP_LOV list of values and create it again, because once the LOV is created, you cannot modify the item to which it is assigned. Answer: B QUESTION 138: Exhibit: You are developing a form for customers to order tickets to events. There is an Event_Date item in the Ticket block of the form, and you want users to enter dates only for existing events. You use the LOV wizard to create an LOV based on a record group with the following query: SELECT event_name, event_date FROM events ORDER BY event_name On the Column Properties pag...
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