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Unformatted text preview: on the line of code that begins as follows? IF :employees.salary > 2000 A. Go Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 B. Step Into C. Step Over D. Step Out E. Stop Answer: C QUESTION 32: Exhibit: You are developing a Human Resource form. You use the Data Block and Layout wizards to create the Department and Employees blocks with default property values for the items, then you rearrange the items in the Layout Editor. When you test the form, you discover that pressing the Tab key with the cursor in the Department Id field moves the cursor to the Manager Id field. Pressing the Tab key twice more moves the cursor to Department Name and, finally, to Location Id. What are three ways to change the navigation order so that the cursor moves from Department Id to Department Name when tabbing forward through the items in the Departments block? (Choose three) A. Set Keep Cursor Position for all items to Yes. B. Set the Required property of the Department_Name item to Yes. C. Set the Keyboard Navigable property for the Manager_Id item to No. D. Set the Automatic Skip property for the Department_Name item to No. E. Set the Next Navigation Item property for the Department_Id item to DEPARTMENT_NAME. F. Set the Previous Navigation Item property for the Department_Name item to DEPARTMENT_ID. G. Drag the Department_Name item to a position just below the Department_Id item in the Object Navigator. Answer: C,E,G QUESTION 33: There is a requirement to modify the default functionality of the [Commit] key. To implement this requirement, you decide to write a Key-Commit trigger that will force validation and issue a Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 commit if necessary. Which trigger code will achieve this? A. ENTER; IF GET_ITEM_PROPERTY (:SYSTEM.trigger_item,ITEM_IS_VALID) = 'TRUE' THEN COMMIT_FORM; END IF; B. ENTER IF :SYSTEM.FORM_STATUS = 'CHANGED' THEN COMMIT_FORM; END IF; C. VALIDATE(ITEM_SCOPE); IF :SYSTEM.BLOCK_STATUS <> 'NEW' THEN DO_KEY(COMMIT_FORM'); END IF; D. VALIDATE; IF :SYSTEM.BLOCK_STA...
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