If the user has the storeclerk role enabled certain

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Unformatted text preview: user logging on to the form. If the user has the STORE_CLERK role enabled, certain buttons are disabled and the focus is sent to the Customer_Id text item. If the user has the ADMIN_MGR role enabled, all buttons are available and the focus is sent to the Date_Ordered text item. The buttons are set by a form-level procedure (SET_BUTTONS). The functionality is achieved with this code: If get_role_name(USER) = 'STORE_CLERK' THEN set_buttons('STORE_CLERK'); GO_ITEM(ORDERS.Customer_id'); ELSE set_buttons(ADMIN_MGR'); GO_ITEM('ORDERS.Date_Ordered'); END IF; Actualtests.com - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 What is the best trigger to execute this code? A. When-Validate-Item at form level, so that validation takes place as soon as the form initializes. B. When-New-Form-Instance, because GO_ITEM is a restricted procedure and cannot be called from any "Pre" triggers. C. Pre-Form at form level, because the focus will be set before the items appear so that users do not see the cursor moving around the screen. D. When-Button-Pressed on any of the enabled buttons, so that it can still execute. If it where written against the disabled buttons, it would never be fired for the STORE_CLERK role. E. When-New-Item-Instance on the Date_Ordered Text item, because you want to check for the database role and redirect focus away from here if the user is a STORE_CLERK. F. Pre-Block on the first navigable block in the form, because it makes sense to redirect the focus just before the cursor enters the block. Answer: B QUESTION 29: Exhibit: You are designing a menu named Test that you saved in the file called Summit.mmb in the Forms Builder working directory. You attach the menu to the Orders form by setting its Menu Module property to Summit, then you run the Orders form to test the menu. Before the form comes up, the alert shown in the exhibit appears, followed by the message "FRM'41810: Error creating menu" displayed on the message line of the form. You determine that the path setups are...
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