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Unformatted text preview: trigger to achieve this? A. CALL_FORM('Departments'); B. CALL_FORM('Department',NO_HIDE); C. OPEN FORM(Departments'); D. OPEN FORM(Departments',ACTIVATE,SESSION); E. OPEN FORM(Departments',NO ACTIVATE,NO SESSION); F. NEW_FORM('Departments'); G. POST; NEW_FORM('Departments', FULL_ROLLBACK); Answer: D QUESTION 104: You are running a form in debug mode and you begin to step through the code of a lengthy subprogram. After stepping through a few lines of its code, you realize that the error comes not from the code in that particular subprogram but from code that is executed after it. At this point, how can you immediately jump to the next line of code after the call to the subprogram? A. Click Step Over to step over the execution of the subprogram. B. Open the Stack panel, select the previous stack frame, and click Go. C. Click Step Out to resume stepping through code after the subprogram is called. D. You cannot do this in the same debug session. Click Stop, set a breakpoint immediately after the subprogram code is called, and run the form in debug mode again. Answer: C QUESTION 105: Which built-in can you use to programmatically set the validation status for all records in a block? A. SET_BLOCK_PROPERTY B. SET_RECORD_PROPERTY C. SET_ITEM_PROPERTY D. You cannot use a built-in; you must set a system variable instead. E. You cannot programmatically set the validation status because it is controlled by Forms internal processing. Answer: E QUESTION 106: Which statement is true about client-side validation? A. It requires a network round trip. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 B. It does not require any middle-tier configuration. C. It requires setting an item's Implementation Class property. D. It is implemented with the When-Validate-Item and When-Validate-Record triggers. Answer: C QUESTION 107: The LINE data block is defined in the Order.fmb module. LINE items are displayed in the default window at run time. In a second window, called BUTTONS, you display a set of icon buttons. At run time, the u...
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