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Unformatted text preview: e the Checking button? - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 A. OPEN_FORM('Checking'); B. OPEN_FORM('checking,session); C. OPEN_FORM('Checking', SESSION,ACTIVATE); D.OPEN_FORM('Checking', SESSION,NO_ACTIVATE); Answer: A QUESTION 81: You are developing a form that servers as a front end to access the Order Entry application. Within the form you want to store the usernames of those users who have permissions to run the application. This information is accessed when the form starts up to determine if the user is authorized. The list of usernames is not stored in the database and should not be visible to users. How will you store this information? A. In a list item. B. In a list of values. C. In a set of parameters. D. In a record group. E. You cannot store the information within a form; you must create a database table a store it query the information at run time. Answer: D QUESTION 82: Exhibit: You are coding a When-New-Form-Instance trigger to populate a hierarchical tree item called Emp_Tree that should initially appear as shown in the exhibit. Mr. Bill, the president of the company, is the only employee who does not have a manager. In the trigger, you declare a variable called rg_emps that is of the RECORDGROUP data type. You will use this record group to populate the tree. You use the following code to create the record group: rg_emps := Create_Group_Form_Query('rg_emps', 'select 1, level, last_name, NULL, to_char(employee_id) from employees connect by prior employee_id =manager_id is null'); You then programmatically populate the record group, and then populate the tree with the record group. - The Power of Knowing 1Z0-141 You run the form to test it. Will the tree initially appear as shown? If not, why not? A. Yes, the tree will appear as shown. B. No. The first element selected in the select statement should be 4 because you want four levels of the tree to be displayed. C. No. You should eliminate the last element selected in the select...
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